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  1. JasonGrace

    SUSPENDED Load Carrying Suspenders

    I have a few big load out belts. Black and Coyote brown, the only problem is loaded down with bags they get to unruly for the belt alone. I love the old militaryLC2’s but hate the color. Do you make anything similar?
  2. JasonGrace

    REVIEW Multi-use Tarp

    Hello, I am the tester of the multi-use tarp. I measured the tarp and it doesn’t stand 48 inches as described, I have set it up a couple times and I just want to be certain that this is how you intend it to be used. Thank you,
  3. JasonGrace

    What’s your favorite edc pack?

    I have at least a dozen bags, backpacks, briefcases, slings, etc. I find that the bigger the bag the more I over stuff them, what’s your favorite edc? Looking for something not huge but big enough to carry winter gear and electronics.
  4. JasonGrace

    NEW IDEA Front handlebar bag for Bike

    My biggest interest at the moment is a bag for my DSLR that can be mounted on the handlebars and accessed with one hand, water resistant is important but I rarely would have it out in bad weather as the camera isn’t waterproof. I am thinking something like this.
  5. JasonGrace

    Glad to be here

    Hello Everyone, My Name is Jason and I'm from Detroit. I've been using One Tigris gear for a couple years now and appreciate what they bring to the market. I fish, hunt, camp, bushcraft, airsoft, bikepack, and anything outdoors or on the water. I have a big dog that uses One Tigris gear everyday...
  6. JasonGrace

    NEW IDEA Handlebar bag

    I am very interested in a handlebar bag for my bike, that could also be used on my canoe to carry water, food, small supplies, and electronics. I love the helmet bags simplicity but it needs a bit of reinforcement, like a bit of plastic in between the fabric to give it a bit of rigidity. Then...