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  1. Therookiehunter

    REVIEW Winter Camp Out in the Wild Haven Tipi Tent

    So over the weekend I went out camping with a couple of friends and I set up and tested the Wild Haven tent. Let me begin by saying, I have never done a winter camp out before and I have never used a stove tent before. So I head out to St George, in New Brunswick Canada. I pick up a friend...
  2. Therookiehunter

    Onetigris gathering

    Hey gang just been spitballing some ideas and wanted to get some input. What do you folks think about us all in Canada and the US putting a Camping Bushcraft gathering together centered around 1TG. Organise a location camp out maybe get some seminars together for educational purposes fun...
  3. Therookiehunter

    NEW IDEA 80L pack with insertable dry bags.

    The idea is to make a slightly larger sac then what 1tg now makes. Use the black orca UL rucksack. Increase it's carrying capacity. Ty hen have three insert bags with it. BAG 1 40L DRY BAG. Made from a thinner material than normal dry bags. It doesn't need to be as durable as it is an...
  4. Therookiehunter

    NEW IDEA portable gear locker/storage

    This is portable storage locker for your gear. if you have either special cloths for hunting, or airsoft or sports. you can take this locker withyoua dn store it inside. you can hang it from a closet bar, or in the car depending on its size or even from a tree branch. it has reinforced...
  5. Therookiehunter

    NEW IDEA water proof camera cover..for filming/photography

    so some type of special a rain cover that you can use pull strings to tighten it around the lense when your working and it covers the whole camera with a clear plastic back so you can see what your doing. the pull string front allows you to tighen around any camera front and keep it...
  6. Therookiehunter

    NEW IDEA Tactical tripod bag

    Just a simple bag to put your tripod into and can be attached to a pack with out taking up room inside the backpack. Put a draw string on top. Maybe reinforce the bottom. Simple light weight
  7. Therookiehunter

    Promotional video

    Hey guys and gals. Check out the promo video we made for 1TG. This is the first in what I am hoping will be a series of videos. This was to show how various pieces of equipment can go together. Hope you enjoy.
  8. Therookiehunter

    PENDING Tactical Cooler Wrap

    Looking online and I only found one company who makes this type of stuff. Orca..but who wants to pay $400.00 to buy a cooler. Simply put, this is a 3 piece system, two sides and the front. all connected with straps that allows you to tighten around the cooler, but because they are three...
  9. Therookiehunter

    PENDING Hiking bucket seat hammock toilet

    I only found on similar to this but didnt have the bucket like back to help hold you in place lol. But essentially its a hammock styled toilet seat with a 2 inch peice of material along the back to help hold the tush in place. And a hole in the middle..rough drawing attached lol. And you tie...
  10. Therookiehunter

    SUSPENDED Idea of Idea's

    This idea is mind boggling. either mind boggling genius or mind boggling dumb. I shall leave you all to judge. Backpack/shelter combination. Take your shelter tarp...however you attach the backpack directly to it. So on the inside of your shelter wall your pack is hanging for easy access...
  11. Therookiehunter

    SUSPENDED Hunter safty system

    So to anyone who hunts out of a tree stand. The Hunter Safety system is a must. Basically when a hunter puts their stand up in a tree, you have a strap up above your stand that you attach the safty system to in the event you fall out of the stand you don't fall to the ground and break a bone...
  12. Therookiehunter

    SUSPENDED Tree chair

    The tree chsir is a seat that attaches to the base of a tree. One upper strap goes around the three.and ut has two straps that run to the front of the seat for front support. And the back of the seat has its own strap that wraps around the tree as well but also has one strap that runs up and...
  13. Therookiehunter

    NEW IDEA cook bag and KFS pouch (knife fork spoon)

    Simple pack that can fit a hikers camping cook kit. such as pocket stove, cooking pot set and maybe even cup. AND How about a small detachable pouch that can fit on a belt or molle that holds the campers knife fork spoon kit?
  14. Therookiehunter

    BRAINSTORMING EDC Tablet pouch

    Maybe I am just crazy, but I was looking on line and I found lots of fishing rod cases, but none seemed to be set up with the molle system. Maybe simple rod case that someone could put their fishing rod and attached reel into, zip it closed attach it to the pack and they can now take their...
  15. Therookiehunter

    Nova Scotia Annual Bushcraft gathering.

    Well to those who are not aware. Every year the Facebook group Nova Scotia Bushcraft puts on a Bushcraft gathering to bring the many adventurers all together. For 4 days they put on presentations and displays on all things outdoors. This event seems to keep growing more and more each year...
  16. Therookiehunter

    SUSPENDED Field organizer pack

    Question gang. What would you think about a hip bag that comes with a pole system that would hold the cover straight up and be lined with pouches. And the bottom and back of bag are a hard plastic for stability. The poles get inserted and fo into the back plastic and make a straight back so...
  17. Therookiehunter

    SUSPENDED Double wide pocket stove

    Based on todays standard pocket stoves. the simple steele metal stove is simply double wide allowing the user to cook more than one item at a time or simply cook on one side and keep something warm on the other. with a basic removable metal grill for the top, it can be used on the stove or...
  18. Therookiehunter

    BRAINSTORMING Molle Rifle sheath and rain cover

    For anyone looking to carry a rifle on a hiking trip, you generally need to have a separate backpack just for this occasion. and they aren't cheap. however, this simple sheath would allow you to put any rifle, shotgun, heck even a bow onto any backpack with molle or webbing. Simple design...
  19. Therookiehunter

    SUSPENDED Molly Axe sheath

    Looking at all the available Axes and Hatchets, but unless your buying a custom leather built sheath few if any have a molle system to attach it to your bag. As such simple nylon sheath with the molle strap and snap system so you can attach it to your bag. along with small front pocket and an...
  20. Therookiehunter

    SUSPENDED Ribbed solo shelter

    I have been looking at shelters and been trying to figure out what could be a simple addition to a persons kit. What if you had a simple pop up shelter that didn't require cutting down trees or dead wood. so I came up with the Ribbed solo shelter. Using wire line and tent or hammock material...