Rules of CO-DESIGN

Design with OneTigris

1. CO-DESIGN Section Rules & Policies

  • Please read through, respect and comply with the 1TG Rules & Guidelines.
  • Users must register with 1TG to participate in the CO-DESIGN section of this forum.
  • Registered users may start and reply to threads in this section of the forum.
  • Users are encouraged to be bold and creative in ideas and proposals for new gear or existing OneTigris® gear*.
    *[Important] Users may share their original ideas for new gear or improvement on existing OneTigris® gear.
                             There will be no commission for co-designs based on existing OneTigris products.
  • 1TG administrators reserve all rights to terminate any gear design proposals if the design is found to be copyrighted or is similar to existing gear on the market.
  • 1TG administrators reserve all rights to modify threads in cases of misleading auto-corrects, typos, etc. for better user experience at 1TG.
  • OneTigris® advises against turning off 1TG email notifications and unfollowing “OneTigris Admin” to ensure you are up to date with the latest info and updates on gear proposals and designs. The collaborator of the new/upgraded gear will be able to receive prototypes for free while users who participate in the discussions will have a higher possibility of being able to participate in the gear testing program and other 1TG privileges determined by OneTigris®.
  • OneTigris® gear created in collaboration with our users will be credited as such.
  • OneTigris® gear created in collaboration with our users shall remain the property of OneTigris® and commercial/business/trade related collaborations can be discussed with OneTigris® administrators after the release of the product(s).
  • 2018-3-2 Updated
    OneTigris® Co-Design can be summarized into 5 different sections: Initial discussioninternal studygear testingcommission, and sales evaluation.
    1. Initial discussion: Users may publish public posts at the designated 1TG section or send us a private message through Email, Facebook, post, etc. to share your ideas and thoughts with us. We will reach out for an initial discussion with you to better understand you idea.
    2. Internal study: Once we have discussed with you in detail, we will evaluate whether or not the idea is doable by determining its originality by researching on similar items on the market, potential market and estimated price, technical details and so on. We will inform the author of the idea of the conclusion (yes or no for proceeding with the co-design.)
    3. Gear testing: We will complete prototypes for you to test with and to provide detailed feedback on its appearance, quality, functions, etc. and we will perfect the design based on your feedback and our own reviews until the product is ready to be launched on the market.
    4. Commission: After the co-designed product is launched, 3% of the total sales amount at the first year will be allocated to the co-designer (You) with thanks from OneTigris® for providing excellent products to outdoor lovers to adventure with. *If the co-designer (You) is a member of our OneTigris® Affiliate Program, you may promote this product and receive an addition 10% commission of sold promoted items. For more information please refer to the related page online. 
    5. Sales evaluation: 3 months into launching the co-design, we will evaluate the product’s sales performance including but not excluding to popularity, number of sales, product reviews, etc., and determine if the product is to be continued or discontinued.
    Note:/P.S. Please refer to “How does it work” for more details on initial discussion, internal study, and gear testing.

2. How does it work?


2.1 Share Your Idea

  • 1TG users may post their idea in the INNOVATION section of the forum detailing the info below:
    -WHAT: Highlights & functions
    -WHY: Specific use & purposes (important)
     -HOW: How you were inspired (important)

    -WHAT: Proposed product name (important)
    -WHAT: Brief outline/description of appearance
    -WHAT: Color options
    -WHAT: Material
    -Design draft (optional)
    -Similar product(s) (optional)

2.2 Brainstorming en Masse

  • 1TG users participate in crafting your idea through thread discussion.
  • 1TG administrators will monitor the discussion and take part depending on its design, popularity, feasibility, etc.
  • 1TG administrators will follow up through official thread replies.
  • Brainstorming of a design will take at least 2 weeks.
  • Proposed designs that do not pass the brainstorming stage shall be concluded though an official thread reply by a 1TG administrator.

2.3 Internal study

  • We will determinine on the doability of the co-design after comprehensive communications and internal reviews.
  • If your proposed co-design passes our internal evaluation, we will be in touch to further confirm on all details.
  • If your proposed co-design does not pass our internal evaluation, we will inform you and give reasons why.
  • The above communications will be carried out in post replies or individual messages.

2.4 Production

  • OneTigris® shall strive to stay true to each design.
  • Prototypes shall be announced through an official thread reply.
  • Prototype production lead time takes a minimum of 2 weeks.

2.5 Gear Testing

  • 1TG administrators shall stay in touch with the author or the post and obtain delivery address for sending out samples.

2.6 Gear Testing Feedback

  • Gear testing to be conducted within a month of receiving the prototype(s).

2.7 Repeat Steps 2-6 & Send Out Finalized Design

  • Adjustments and revisions to be carried out until finalization and shipment.

2.8 Gear Design with OneTigris Users COMPLETE

  • 1TG shall release specifications of the finalized design through an official thread reply.
  • The author of the proposed design shall publish a collaboration story to share with other 1TG users including text and at least one picture of the author with the collaborated design.
  • 1TG administrators will launch the new gear through an official announcement at 1TG.

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