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    HOT OneTigris Archive Spring Outing Giveaway! 5/6/2022-5/11/2022

    ;) Check out our Facebook and Instagram giveaway posts to win your spring outing gear set! Click for FB entrance The post on IG:
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    Well what’s up everyone

    Welcome to 1TG! :coffee:
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    Well what’s up everyone

    Welcome to 1TG! Feel free to share here. If you have any questions about our products, you can also post here. Have a lovely day!
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    QUESTION Removable Stove Pipe Jack

    Thank you for your suggestions. I already submitted your idea to our R&D department. They will take this in consideration.
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    Tangram Tent

    Both tents are different type. We are glad that you like it. Let us know if you have any feedback for it. :coffee:
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    PENDING [DOG GEAR] Service Dog Mobility Assistance Harness

    What kind of head torch do you mean? Any pics for it? Thank you.
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    OFFICIAL New Arrival - SCAENA Backpacking Tent

    Click to the page>>
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    QUESTION Onetigris plate carrier!

    If you can provide the size of the plate, I can help you to confirm.
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    This gear testing was closed already. Please wait for the next one. :coffee:
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    Lone wolf 902

    Hi Private, anything we can help?
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    PENDING [DOG GEAR] Service Dog Mobility Assistance Harness

    This project is suspended right now. So temporarily we don't need any testers for it. Sorry for that.
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    Thank you for your applications! This round's gear testers are as follows: @seydhr @jamix.doggear We try to go with different gear testers each time so please stay tuned and keep the good vibes coming!
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    Thank you for sharing! I will forward your feedback to the designer of this product. Take care of your dog.
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    NEW IDEA Improved tent bathtub floor

    Thank you for your suggestions. I will submit your ideas to our R&D department. We will take them in consideration if we decide to do an upgraded version for it. Please feel free to post here if you have more ideas about this product. Appreciate all the effort you made for this. Have a nice day! (y)
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    Arizona sun is brutal

    Please PM me your order number so I can help you with it more effectively.