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    QUESTION Harness attachment buckle busted off?

    I've been using this harness for a couple of years, it has been great up until today. Today the harness buckle broke letting my dog free for a moment. It's the first I've seen from a one tigris harness, so I was quite surprised. Is there a harness with a stronger buckle?
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    Are there any products you guys would like to see reviewed?

    Yes, the bike setup keeps him pretty close. He pulls outward away from the bike and the vest rolls a bit. He seems to prefer the smaller vest over the big one. It’s worked well over the last 3 years.
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    Some New Gear

    Awesome set up.
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    Are there any products you guys would like to see reviewed?

    I bought him his first vest when he was just a pup, and he’s loved 1tg since.
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    Best Hammock?

    I have a couple but I'd like to grab another, which of the hammocks do you like the most?
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    Are there any products you guys would like to see reviewed?

    Hey Squad, I'm taking my family to rough it for a week or two in the National Forest and I'm excited to get to use and review some of the equipment I've been hoarding. I have a lot of great 1TG gear and would be happy to share my thoughts and findings after using them over time and in various...
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    SUSPENDED Medical Masks

    Have you ever considered manufacturing half face respirator/dust masks? I am currently searching for a provider to supply large quantities of the N95 masks.
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    BRAINSTORMING Airsoft mask

    It doesn't need to be a replica or even close to the same design. Kids like the radical extreme looks, I'd prefer something dark and comfortable. Where my son would wear a trash can on his head if it was in style. lol
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    Hello from Michigan

    Welcome! Just sign up and follow the instructions. If there is anything specific everyone here is pretty helpful, And thanks for your service.
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    IN PRODUCTION Axe Sheath

    I’m interested in seeing how it would work with a big boy.
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    SUSPENDED Load Carrying Suspenders

    Thank you Sir.
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    SUSPENDED Load Carrying Suspenders

    I have a few big load out belts. Black and Coyote brown, the only problem is loaded down with bags they get to unruly for the belt alone. I love the old militaryLC2’s but hate the color. Do you make anything similar?
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    QUESTION #YourIdeaMatters 🐾

    A small sandwich size ziplock container for the main compartment would be ample.