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    I live in Ohio in the States, yesterday they announced all schools starting Monday are on extended spring break for the next 3 weeks. University’s and colleges already closed, all nursing homes, jails and prisons are a strict no visitor policy. We are now having confirmed cases of the virus in...
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    NEW IDEA Apple Watch protective sleeve (smart sleeve)

    Ok I see what your saying or would it be better just to use the same material like a Molle strap or belt loop? Elastic stretch’s over time and I could see it becoming loose?
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    NEW IDEA Apple Watch protective sleeve (smart sleeve)

    do You mean the entire thing elastic or just the band area?
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    NEW IDEA Apple Watch protective sleeve (smart sleeve)

    Like I stated there are many options for bands and hard case. The images you provided are the first I have seen but I do believe OneTigris can put a original spin on it and improve for a superior product.
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    NEW IDEA Apple Watch protective sleeve (smart sleeve)

    The see through window could be very convenient I like that idea ! If you make the sleeve wider than the watch I think it would naturally protect the sides
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    Another version of Bungalow Shelter / Designed for Summer Camping / Not completed yet

    Ya it was originally part of the idea to have a re usable version of the super shelter but also multifunctional in all seasons.
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    Stove prototype and testing

    Whats The sole purpose for the stove heating cooking? If heating going to have reduce airflow in , will burn super hot but really fast you currently have a rocket stove type setup great for hot fast cooking but not so good for long term heating. A removable face with adjustable sliding damper...
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    NEW IDEA Apple Watch protective sleeve (smart sleeve)

    This is actually a product I have been looking for and can not find anywhere to my knowledge It does not exist. The many benefits the Apple watch brings to the outdoor enthusiasts are honestly life saving and amazing. There are 1000”s of bands you can customize your watch with and even hard...
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    IN PRODUCTION Axe Sheath

    I recently seen a post of someone using a pistol holster like the twister as an axe sheath. Maybe consider looking at that for inspiration. The ability of the holster to change sizes make it very customizable to axes and hatchets of all shapes and sizes.
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    #Your Idea Matters - Backpack for Commute & Airsoft

    I don't think sandspoor is saying to many straps ,more like make sure the straps can be hidden and secured away well... and I strongly agree! But I am loving this idea and from a shtf or get home bag scenerio could see using this effectively!
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    POLL OneTigris official toy mascot

    Absolutely agree! 3"x2" is standard